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Micheál Ó Dubhshláine (1942-2006)

Micheál Ó Dubhshláine was the Principal of Dún Chaoin National School in the County of Kerry. He was born in Kilkea in County Kildare and this personal history is of that town. Micheal's writings provide a gentle and insightful delving into the story of a small corner of Irish history. His anecdotal style reaches beyond the local history to provide the world with a glimpse into a bygone age that formed the basis for our Ireland of today.

What people say

I feel like dancing

I will never forget this beautiful evening, when we danced jigs and reels in the sunset!

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New era at Aine's house

New era at Aine's house off to an excellent start.

The name 'Tig Áine' is not new. It's Áine's house and has been for many years. It came into being when Áine and her partner, the much loved and now sadly-lamented writer and teacher Michael Ó Dubhshlaine took an old stone ruin overlooking Sybil Head and transformed it into the homeliest of homes.

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